Digital Sandtray Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Digital Sandtray support online networking, allowing the therapist and the client to remotely work together on the same sandtray app?

When used in conjunction with Zoom, a therapist can work remotely with their client, collaborating on the same sandtray while using only one copy of the software. To do so, start your copy of the Digital Sandtray, then start a Zoom session with your client and click on Share Screen. Next, ask your client to click on the View Options button in Zoom, then click on Request Remote Control. Both you and the client will able to collaborate on your version of the Digital Sandtray.

The download will not complete when I use the Safari web browser on Mac

The “Decompression Failed” error occurs in the Safari web browser if the “Open Safe Files” option is enabled. When the download is completed, Safari will attempt to unzip the compressed app but return this message.
To resolve this issue, disable the “Open Safe Files” option in the General tab of the Safari Settings window. The Safari Settings window can be found under the menu “Safari -> Preferences”.

I downloaded the app for Mac, but I see a message saying “developer cannot be verified” when I try to run it

Apple have tightened their security measures after MacOS 10.15.2, making the operating system suspicious of any app that is downloaded outside of the App Store. Please do not interpret this as an indication that the Digital Sandtray is in any way unsafe.
The next time you see the “developer cannot be verified” message, leave that window open and then click the apple logo at the top-left of the screen. Next, select “System Preferences”. In the window that appears, double click on “Security and Privacy”
go to the Security and Privacy page. In the “General” tab, you should see an option labelled “Open Anyway”, specifically for the Digital Sandtray.

My Macbook will not open the app after it has been downloaded (“unidentified developer”)

This is the same issue as above, regarding increased security affecting the download. Apple have provided a document, explaining how to avoid it:

Is there a free demo version of the software?

There is. The demo version has all of the features of the Digital Sandtray, but it will disable itself after two uses.

Windows PC:

How will updates work for the app?

Any bug fixes or small improvements will be rolled out for free. Any new features will appear as in-app purchases, as will any new symbols.

I used the purchase link via Paypal, and couldn’t download the app. What do I do?

For any purchasing issues, please use our contact form.

There is a specific symbol that I want to use in the sandtray, but I cannot find it in the app. Can I request/suggest new symbols to be added?

Absolutely! Feedback is always welcome and valuable. Please use our contact form to provide any feedback, or to suggest any symbols.

Is there a video, demonstrating the Digital Sandtray in action?