Does the Digital Sandtray support online networking, allowing the therapist and the client to remotely work together on the same sandtray app?

The mobile version for iOS and Android does not. It is intended to work as a portable sandtray, allowing a therapist to essentially carry a usable sandtray to locations where it would not be practical to use a physical one (e.g. home visits). As such, this version has no method of collaborating on a single sandtray over the internet.

The desktop version for PC and Mac can be used in this way. When used in conjunction with Zoom, a therapist can work remotely with their client, collaborating on the same sandtray while using only one copy of the software. To do so, start your copy of the Digital Sandtray, then start a Zoom session with your client and click on Share Screen. Next, ask your client to click on the View Options button in Zoom, then click on Request Remote Control. Both you and the client will able to collaborate on your version of the Digital Sandtray.

Is there a free demo version of the software?

Between March and June 2020, there was a web-based version of the Digital Sandtray, which was free to use for a limited period. This free trial period is now over.

How will updates work for the app?

Any bug fixes or small improvements will be rolled out for free. Any new features will appear as in-app purchases, as will any new symbols.

I used the purchase link via Paypal, and couldn’t download the app. What do I do?

For any purchasing issues, please use our contact form.

There is a specific symbol that I want to use in the sandtray, but I cannot find it in the app. Can I request/suggest new symbols to be added?

Absolutely! Feedback is always welcome and valuable. Please use our contact form to provide any feedback, or to suggest any symbols.

Is there a video, demonstrating the Digital Sandtray in action?