Play therapy and art therapy are widely recognised for their value in the field of Psychotherapy. Sandtray therapy combines aspects of art therapy and play therapy, culminating in an experience that facilitates healing, personal growth, creativity and wellbeing in adults, children and adolescents alike.

The innovative Time to Heal Digital Sandtray brings freedom and flexibility to the practice of sandtray therapy, authentically emulating the experience of working with a real sandtray and hundreds of symbols, all on your computer or mobile device. Use it to intuitively manipulate, add or remove sand, and to add, position and rotate a variety of symbols, using your touchscreen or mouse.
The app will allow you to take screenshots of your tray to share, and also to view your tray in your real-life surroundings via augmented reality!

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Digital Sandtray for Windows and MacOS

The Digital Sandtray is available as a download for both Windows PC and MacOS. When used in conjunction with Zoom, a therapist can work remotely with their client, collaborating on the same sandtray while using only one copy of the software.
To do so: start your copy of the Digital Sandtray, then begin a Zoom session with your client and click on Share Screen.
Next, ask your client to click on the View Options button in Zoom, then click on Request Remote Control.
Both you and the client should now be able to use the Digital Sandtray on your screen.
Please see the example below:

The Digital Sandtray can be purchased for Windows PC and MacOS, using the Paypal link below.

Purchase Using Paypal

For those who wish to try before they buy, there is also a demo version of the Digital Sandtray for Windows PC and MacOS. The demo version has all of the features of the Digital Sandtray, but it will disable itself after two uses.

Windows PC:

Digital Sandtray for iPhone, iPad, and Android

There is also a mobile edition for use with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. For less than the cost of a physical sandtray, you can carry over 200 symbols in your pocket. The mobile edition is intended to work as a mobile sandtray, allowing a therapist to essentially carry a usable sandtray to locations where it would not be practical to use a physical one (e.g. home visits). As such, this version has no method of collaborating on a single sandtray over the internet.

The mobile edition also supports augmented reality, allowing you to see your completed sandtrays in the real world!

Links to the Digital Sandtray on the iOS App Store and on Android Google Play can be found below.