I am so grateful to Emeline for the support she gave me during a difficult time. I feel like she genuinely cared and understood what I was going through. She held me in mind even outside of our sessions and that meant a lot to me.

P.T London

Counselling helped me to find the courage to stand up for myself and endure the challenges in my life that were holding me back. It totally turned my life around.

J.H London

Through therapy with Emeline, my daughters and I learned to understand each other better, and as a result we are much closer than ever before.

K.S Essex

Counselling taught me strategies to cope with my anxiety, and was a great outlet for my worries.”

H.A Essex

Emeline helped me to cope with the pain of the loss of my estranged daughter, and to find peace and patience in my situation. I highly recommend her services.

F.F London