Therapy Sessions for Children

Time to Heal Counselling and Psychotherapy provides therapeutic support and intervention for children aged 5 to 11 years old.

Issues Addressed
Parental /family separation
Grief and Loss
Friendship issues
Emotional and/or social difficulties

How Therapy can help
The stresses, strains and pressures of everyday life are having a growing impact on our children, both mentally and physically. Anxiety, for example, can manifest somatically in the body causing issues such as headaches, stomach pain and diarrhoea. Research shows that appropriately expressing fears and worries, instead of keeping emotions bottled up inside, helps to reduce negative feelings, and improves mental wellbeing, concentration and the ability to engage better with others.

Time to Heal aims to provide a calming, non-judgemental space in which your child can express their fears and worries concerns safely. Exploration of their issues through activities and discussion, will give them the chance to process and release negative emotions, learn coping skills and gain a brighter outlook.

Therapy sessions begin with an initial session to determine the particulars of your child’s situation, what issues to work on, and what outcomes you hope to see. Whilst respecting your child’s right to confidentiality, Time to Heal aims to work collaboratively with parents, to ensure the best outcome for your child. This includes updating you as necessary and periodically reviewing the therapeutic progress with you.

Sessions take place between 9am and 5pm, Monday – Thursday (depending on availability) at the therapy room or online via video call.
An arrangement may also be made for sessions to take place at your child’s school ( with the agreement of the school pastoral management team and headteacher.)

Sessions last for up to 50 minutes each and cost £65 per session.

The therapy
Since children communicate best through play and creative activities, and are not always able to verbally articulate themselves well, your child’s therapy sessions will be facilitated by the use of a sandtray and miniatures, toys, games and clay, as well as writing and art-making equipment.